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After my last Journal entry or rant, some things have changed for the better but not without a few bumps in the road first. Though Tahoe loves to lay claim to being so dog friendly, I came to find in my search for a new habitat that this is limited to the dog breed and size. My dogs have been in scuffles in their lifetime but no human has ever been bitten.
With no time left to find a new place, I ended up staying temporarily in hotel/motel rooms that would allow my 2 pitties. At first, the cost was manageable since I had a little financial padding in the form of a refund check. I managed to make a deal with a local lodge that had a very reasonable rate and a kitchen. The downside, I could only stay 6 weeks. The next couple months were spent mostly living in my car with a day or two in a hotel. I found nice quiet places to park my car unnoticed and arranged a somewhat comfortable set up in my car so I could stretch out when I slept. My big boy Dexter would have the back seat, Boomer would have the passenger seat and I would take the driver's seat; pushed all the way back and down. A friend let me borrow a very comfy sleeping bag and I found creative ways to block out the windows from peering eyes. I put all but what I had immediate need for in storage. I was living in my car, it actually came to this. I could keep it up no problem but I could see the toll it was taking on my boys. Both dogs were losing hair. They've never been walked so much in their life but I needed to find another solution.
Earlier that year when I was first looking for a place to move, I'd considered buying a small RV to live in. I was worried mostly about the size of it and where on earth I would park it. I'd done some research and spoke to various people about it. I came to hear again and again that people who would try to live in RV's around the Tahoe area outside of an RV park would be constantly harrassed by city workers, residents, police. I guess when you live an a city where Millionaires have vacation homes, an RV is an eye sore. It really is surprising how much weight these millionaire vacationers throw around even though they only seem to be in town 2-4 weeks out of the entire year max.
I had to make a choice. Car, RV or over-priced, unaffordable apartment? The weather was going to change for worse and soon. So I did it, I found a little 22 foot, 1978 RV for $1,000. This was pure luck. The guy selling it wanted $1800 and there was no guarantee it would pass smog or if any of the appliances in the thing worked. Well the seller had to get rid of it because, guess what, he was being harrassed by his neighbor to move it. Since it was uncertain if anything in the RV actually worked, he dropped the price. I had a home, uncertain as it was, it was a larger space than my car. I drove it into Tahoe and found a place to park it, temporarily. Maybe 3 days of owning it, I was told to move it. So I did and after another 3 days, I was told to move it again. The longest I had it parked in 1 place was a week. At least the last person was polite about it and gave me time to find a permanent home for the RV.
The pros, my dogs loved the extra space and you could see both were very much content each having their own space. Oh, and the big old thing passed smog. After getting some new batteries for the RV and cleaning it up a bit, it began to feel less like a regret. I found a place I could park it where I could plug it in and hook up the septic and water and all for less than any apartment I could find in the 5 months of searching. The best thing, no petty, snarky roommate. I now have a place of my own.  Now 5 months later, I am quite accustomed to the limited space, I've only found 1 leak and took care of that one. I spent my downtime before the winter hit re-sealing the RV myself; windows, seams, anything that looked like weather may cause a problem. The fridge works, the stove, the microwave, all the outlets, the lights, I've got heat and a/c. The dogs have escaped a couple times but I seem to have found a solution to that with a baby gate. The RV park is in a wooded setting and there are frequent visits from the local deer herd (drives the dogs nuts). I have made friends with a few of the other tenants living there. They have community bathrooms with showers so I never bother to use the tiny shower in the RV. Also onsite is a gas station, propane refill station, grocery store and a gift shop.
I thinking living in this RV so far has already given me a different outlook. I can live with much less than I have in the past but could still live with even less. I have a roof over my head and a home I own even if it's on 6 wheels. Now I have to buy only what I need or else I'll start bursting at all those seems I just resealed. Having less energy spent on worrying, I began drawing again and have created some interesting pieces I will share on this site sometime in the future.
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Heather Moore
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I am a snowboard and ski instructor and have been for the past 7 years now. Check out my facebook page for photos and video of me snowboarding:…

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I have 3 snowboarding certifications to my name and 2 ski certificates. Besides snowboarding and skiing; I hike, swim, write, surf (at least try to), explore abandoned mines, take pictures and sing. All this in no particular order. I became the proud mommy of a Pit/Lab/Mastiff puppy back in 2009 who has grown into a giant but I don't know what I would do without him. In 2013 a new addition was welcomed to my fur-family, Boomer. He is a brindle staffordshire terrior.

A good friend gave me one of his old DSLRs and I have begun to sell my's about time!

Current Residence: Lake Tahoe, CA
Favourite genre of music: Industrial / electronic / Good ol' Rock n' Roll
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian


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