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by Art-hax

First off, thank you for making this owl your subject. I love that you chose black and white as your medium. The owl looks as though it...

It's too bad you can't hear me clapping! This is striking. The detail is so crisp especially since this is hand held. Look close enough...

This is not the first time I've seen a cat peeking out from behind some object. That's just what cats do. So this is my reasoning for o...

I very much enjoyed browsing through your gallery. I am no professional when it comes to drawing so others who read this, this is my op...



Sarcode Flowers and Stamens
I am fascinated still by these plants. Living off the fungi that usually comes with the rotting pine needles when the snow begins to melt, sarcodes are beautiful in their short life. One day, I will get an even closer look.
Sadly, I cannot escape the ignorance of the States even here. I can't say united because we are far from that.
Dexter in the Sun
And now with the angels. My beautiful boy crossed the rainbow bridge Halloween morning while on our walk. I was dreading the day but in the last couple weeks I knew it was close.  My biggest fear is that he would be alone in his passing. I know how for a dog a couple hours feels like a days and it was hard to go to work each day. Don't ever tell me, "he's just a dog." You'll may get punched. He was family and my closest friend. Never judging, always loving, always happy to see me. He was there for me through my worst. I miss him so and will miss him till my dying day. Cancer is a nasty illness and Dexter fought hard but lost in the end. I fear he held on too long for me but I did whisper to him a few days before his passing, "You can go now, you don't have to hold on for me anymore." This picture is from one our walks a few months before his diagnosis when he was still healthy. He's out of pain now. Go romp in the golden fields my boy. 10-1-09 to 10-31-16
My beautiful fur-baby crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. My heart will never be the same.
My Humble Abode
A look inside my tiny home. There's so much I'd like to do to this in upgrades but that takes money which I don't have. I have all I need and my dogs are happy and that really matters to me. You can read all about my RV life in my journal.
I'm still hanging in there, barely. 2 years now I've called an RV home. I'm not seeing that change anytime soon. You can google "Tahoe Housing Crisis" and find that many others in the same boat as I am.  The incredibly rich keep coming into this resort town and buying up houses offering over the asking price and paying in cash.  Us little people who actually keep this town operating are being stepped on again and again. I make a decent wage yet this is still not enough to even think about purchasing a home.  It becomes even more difficult with 2nd homeowners outbidding you even if one does happen to stumble upon an affordable home.  All the realtors can see is green dollar signs and pay no mind to the crumbling workforce surrounding them.  
Now all these families who've lived in Lake Tahoe for most of their lives are being forced out of their homes because these greedy 2nd homeowners think renting through Airbnb will bring in more money than steady monthly renters. I've heard of a possible crack down on Airbnb is to be happening soon that will force these rich assholes to actually have to follow some rules when using Airbnb. All these homeless families are joining the rest of the population and rentals seem to becoming less and less abundant. 
The owners of the RV park I moved to in 2014 decided my 2 pitbull mix dogs were a insurance risk to their park and asked me to move. My dogs got loose 2 times total in my residence there, 2 times! Did anyone get hurt? Nope. They chased another dog. Did that dog get hurt? Nope. Play was all that as in mind. A new neighbor moved in with a little German Shepard puppy and could be described as high strung, skiddish, nippy. The owner, paranoid. My brindle boy ran towards this puppy on one of those 2 occasions he got loose and tried to play with this said puppy. Out of fear, the German Shepard puppy yanked herself so hard on her tie-out, she broke it. She injured herself. I was witness to this. The owner decided my dogs were dangerous. He had no valid claim, but I was out. My friend who still lives in that park has now nearly been bitten by that German Shepard and says anyone who walks by her, fears her. Has that dog's owner been asked to leave? Nope. 
So there I was again, looking for a place to park my home. I could have moved out to the desert where it was cheaper but in the end, I'd be paying more due to the commute. The heat in the desert, just no. The other RV parks in nearby Truckee were also a no go. One would not accept an RV as old as mine (1978), the second would not allow dogs, and the third...can I say sardine cans? That third park which is situated up against the train tracks also rarely has an opening. 
I lived where I could. I spent a couple weeks in a campground with no hookups and then moved on to living in the parking lot at Squaw Valley Resort for a month. Again, no hookups. I found a fairly quiet spot in North Lake Tahoe and again I was living with no electric or water. I had to find something soon because in Tahoe, you can't park on the street from November to May. It was October.
Last minute, I found a homeowner who was willing to allow me to park on his property for rent. I have no problem paying rent, as long as it's reasonable. I would have power and water, still no septic. That worked out for about 6 months. The owner was allowing his daughter to manage the property and she got greedy. Suddenly I was advised the electric, which I never agreed to pay in addition to my rent, was due. The bill? $150. This was for only 1 month and split 3 ways. No way on earth could my tiny, 150 square foot home could use that much energy. The 2 houses on the property I was sharing electric with; one was built in 1915 and the other in 1950. No insulation. 3 people were living in one house and 1 person illegally in the other (the house was red tagged). I refused to pay such an amount. She also was trying to get me to pay my part for sewage and water though I had no hook up. When the agreement was made for me to park my home on the property, water was part of the deal but I had no way to hook up. I spent the entire winter hauling water from work and the store. Upon my own digging, I found the daughter (property manager) was anything but a prime citizen. Her children had been taken away for god knows what, she was driving on an revoked license in a car that wasn't registered and she couldn't seem to hold down a job. She was looking for extra money to make up for what she couldn't pay for her rent. I refused to pay the last month's rent and luckily found another place to park.
Through all this crap and drama, shall I add to the heap with the fact that my car died on me and I had to get another. I got the horrible news that my dog Dexter had cancer, lymphoma to be exact. So now, I have a car payment and vet bills cause there's no way in hell I'm going to just give up on my buddy. Dexter is the only thing that has been constant in my life in the last 6 years and he always has love to give. Dexter began chemo in February after his momma (me) did hours of research and managed to find 3 organizations to sponsor his treatment. 3! Now these organizations can only assist me financially and I still have a big chunk of the bill to pay. Dexter is 7 months in now and I couldn't have done it without help. 
I'm still not in an RV park with proper hook ups but I do have electric. I live in Nevada now and the neighborhood is nice. Rent was negotiated with a flat utility rate. I found a 2nd job for the summer and I'm managing to keep my head above water financially. Dexter has been in and out of remission and I know I have to prepare myself for the worst but his spirits are still high. As long as he keeps coming back for more kisses, I'll keep fighting for him.
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Heather Moore
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I am a snowboard and ski instructor and have been for the past 7 years now. Check out my facebook page for photos and video of me snowboarding:

I have 3 snowboarding certifications to my name and 2 ski certificates. Besides snowboarding and skiing; I hike, swim, write, surf (at least try to), explore abandoned mines, take pictures and sing. All this in no particular order. I became the proud mommy of a Pit/Lab/Mastiff puppy back in 2009 who has grown into a giant but I don't know what I would do without him. In 2013 a new addition was welcomed to my fur-family, Boomer. He is a brindle staffordshire terrior.

A good friend gave me one of his old DSLRs and I have begun to sell my's about time!

Current Residence: Lake Tahoe, CA
Favourite genre of music: Industrial / electronic / Good ol' Rock n' Roll
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian


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